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Leif Associates is a health care actuarial, employee benefit, and data management consulting firm located in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded by Elizabeth Leif in 1995.

We are known for our health care actuarial expertise, our extensive work in the public sector, our ability to manage very large databases of health care claims and our exceptional data analysis capabilities. Our associates are actuaries, data analysts and benefit consultants with many years of experience. Our clients are insurance companies, insurance regulators, government agencies, healthcare providers and large employers.

Leif Associates has a respected reputation for our ability to communicate complex actuarial concepts and principles to executives, internal committees and board members in easy-to-understand reports and presentations. We are down-to-earth, practical problem solvers who provide decision makers with clear, concise and accurate information, and we facilitate the dissemination and processing of this information in order to help our clients make the right decisions about important benefit plan financial issues.

Our greatest resource is our highly experienced and dedicated staff. Please check our available positions if you are interested in pursuing a career with Leif Associates.

If you would like more information about Leif Associates and the work we do, please contact us at 303-294-0994 or info@leif.net.

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