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Leif Associates is a health care actuarial consulting firm. In these times of tight budgets and ever-rising health care costs, our actuarial credentials are essential, because the financial implications of benefit design and strategy are always an integral component of our advice. This actuarial expertise is also invaluable in negotiating vendor renewals, since our consultants have experience working for insurers and know the ins and outs of carrier rating formulas.

The actuarial services provided by Leif Associates include the following:

  • actuarial opinions
  • rate development
  • IBNR reserve calculations
  • small group certifications
  • FAS106 valuations
  • GASB 43 and 45 valuations
  • rate filings
  • financial projections
  • analysis and development of capitation rates
  • trend analysis
  • benefit design modeling
  • legislative cost impact
  • regulatory rate review
  • creditable coverage testing
  • underwriting process analysis and development
  • rate and reserve audits
  • expert witness testimony
  • rating system development


Actuarial Consulting