Questions and Answers

  1. 1. Based upon the plan design, it appears the current carrier has medical provider networks in CA, NV, and DC.  Please confirm.
    1. Yes, that is correct.
  2. Are the entries on the census that are “blank” in the tier section eligible employees?
    1. Yes.
  3. Do you have the most recent 12 months claims experience available, showing medical and pharmacy separately, along with member and subscriber counts?
    1. Yes.  An additional claim report has been posted as Appendix I.
  4. Do you have a large claims report matching the most recent 12 months claims experience available?
    1. A claim distribution table has been posted as Appendix J.  It shows the dollar amount and count of claimants at various claim levels.  This is all the detail we are able to provide.
  5. What is the current waiting period for benefits?
    1. New employees are eligible on the first of the month following 30 days of employment.
  6. Have there been any changes in benefits in the last two years?
    1. Prior to 2015, a $1,000 deductible plan was offered in addition to the current HDHP plan.  That plan was dropped.  No other plan design changes have been made.
  7. Please verify that proposals are to be net of commissions.
    1. No commissions are to be paid on this contract and rates should not include any loading for commissions.
  8. Our company does not produce SBCs for prospects as part of the pre-sale process.  As an alternative, we are able to provide a detailed benefit summary in response to questions 52 and 53 and a sample booklet for question 54.  Will those attachments be acceptable?
    1. Yes, as long as the benefit summary and booklet include the same level of detail as the documents we requested and accurately reflect the benefits you are proposing.
  9. What key initiatives does the group have in place for health management and wellness?
    1. Brownstein has a robust participation-based wellness program that uses initiatives to address stress, nutrition, fitness/activity and financial well-being.
  10. In addition to health management and wellness, what other hot buttons does the group have?
    1. Brownstein’s key initiative is cost.  They are also concerned with consumer education.  They are interested to hear what initiatives and strategies a bidder’s clients are using.
Questions and Answers